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Born in Gibraltar where there is a big music and dance culture, I was introduced to ballet classes at the young age of 3.  Whilst growing up I moved on to try several other dance styles from Contemporary to Jazz to Lyrical to Flamenco, Belly Dancing and Sevillanas and this became a part of my every day life. 


At the age of 21 I started travelling and experimenting with different rhythms whilst on my first trip to Cuba where I took up Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, Mambo and Bachata classes from a local Cuban dancer.  Upon returning to Gibraltar I took up Latin dancing and felt that I was in my element.


In October 2014 I qualified as a Zumba Fitness instructor and then moved into the world of Health and Fitness.  I am currently a Licensed Zumba Instructor, a certified Fitness Instructor, Plate by Zumba Coach and Health Coach.

I have helped hundreds of ladies through their health, fitness and nutrition journeys and absolutely love my job.

I cater for private classes, group classes, hen nights, parties, corporate events - you name it and I will work it around you!


Click on the 'contact' tab to send me an email with any questions or to request class details.


You can also join my Facebook Group: 'Zumba with B' by clicking on the icon below.



CPD Certified Personal Trainer,  

Fitness Instructor and Health Coach

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