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Healthy Morning


by zumba

A 30 day plan that teaches you how to eat for a healthy lifestyle.  It is a plan geared at women looking for a long-term solution that will help them stick to an easy, healthy lifestyle that is easy to follow and maintain in order to feel healthy. 


I do not consider this a “diet.” Diets are temporary; I will teach you how to navigate food in a healthier way, the basics of nutrition-science, how to fuel for your lifestyle based on individualized goals and most importantly, you will be a part of an accountability group with other ladies supporting each other towards a common goal.

Fill Your Plate

Load up on whole, delicious foods that’ll keep you full and energized.

Get motivated!

You will learn how to create lasting, life-changing results and how to replace bad habits with healthy ones. 

Educate (Yourself)

You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of metabolism basics, how to dine-out and keep your good habits going, how to read food labels and more!



7 day Reset and Metabolism Booster
A 7 day whole foods cleanse without feeling hungry.

14 day Slim-down Cleanse
Eat well, lose weight and feel great

21 day Total Body Cleanse
A habit changing program guaranteed to improve your well being and get rid of excess weight.

What’s Included in the cleanses?

✅ Meal Plans with Delicious Recipes
You won’t feel deprived with the amazing menu I have put together for you, and you’ll know exactly what to buy and cook.

✅ Live Group Kick-Off Call
We’ll start the program with a live call where I’ll talk about how to get the most out of this program and how to make it work with your busy life.

✅ Daily Support in a Closed (Private) Facebook Group
You’ll have my personal support and the support of your fellow cleansers each step of the way, so you never feel stuck or like you’re in it alone.

✅ Cleanse Guide
A complete cleanse guide so you know what to do and when.

✅ Daily Protocol
An easy to follow document that you can print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track.

✅ Toxin reduction tips and tools

✅ Health questionnaire

✅ Daily journal

You will get to keep all of this information, guidebooks, recipes and shopping list to then repeat at your own leisure.

What results can I expect from these VIP Cleanses? 

Determine any hidden food sensitivities that are causing you to hold onto weight (MANY people have food sensitivities and don’t know it).

Jumpstart your metabolism, so you can release excess weight you may be holding onto.

Reduce cravings and hunger for foods that sabotage weight loss.

Remove toxins from your body, so you can release excess weight.


Learn which foods fuel your body, so you can feel energized, clear and confident.


Reduce inflammation and digestive issues, which is the major cause of bloating and lethargy.


Reduce stress. Cleaning up your diet for 7 days will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. As stress melts away, your metabolism will be able to function optimally.



BONUS Free Post-Cleanse Strategy Session
We’ll talk about what the right next step is for you so that you can extend the benefits of the cleanse.

Healthy Meal
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