Time to Tone Up!

Watch this space:

I am working on a new class which currently is at its testing stage, and by testing stage what I mean is that I am using my cousins and close friends as guinea pigs!

'B Toned' will involve a varied workout session to include a mixture of functional training, jump rope toning, circuits, high intensity interval training, partner work and a few other surprises.

The dynamics of the class will vary as the weeks go along and it promises to be a fun but intense workout designed to tone up our bodies.

It will be available to everyone as a workout; not limited to those of a specific level of fitness or age. The exercises can be modified and adapted to match your fitness level.

Needless to say we will have some good tunes pumping out loud!

My mat is on the ready, my hair tied up and the jump rope next to me .... are YOU ready to rock this class with me?

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