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Nikki Addis talks to us about how to maintain our health and fitness goals over summer .. and still

Nikki, Director of City Fit Malaga, has been teaching fitness for over 20 years. You might have met her or followed her lead last year at our Cancer Research Masterclass at Victoria Stadium.

She is qualified for to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, ETM, Step, Reebok Core, Body Balance, Pilates, Yogawise, Kids Fit as well as being a Personal Trainer. She has also arranged and instructed on ETM courses & further fitness education moduled with Fitness Wales in the UK and represented Wales at international dance festivals. Recently, Elegance Producciones asked Nikki to organise a Zumba Fitness performance for Daddy Yankee's concert in Malaga at the beginning of this month after having followed City Fit Malaga's progress since working with Zumba from 2011. Nikki invited Sala 17, a Zumba Fitness studio based in Seville, headed by Edu Logar to work with her on the project and together they choreographed some awesome pieces. I couldn't believe when Nikki touched base with me and asked if I wanted to participate. I can still remember my excitement as if it were that same day! I was honoured to be asked to be a part of City Fit Malaga team and participate in this festival in which we showcased their choreographies to an audience of over 9,000 and very grateful to her for the opportunity. Not only was this the most amazing project I have been a part of but, I have to say that Nikki's work behind the scenes have been truly inspirational. This woman must have superpowers, honestly! I do not know how she does this all. Professional is not the word.

Anyway, after spending time with Nikki at rehearsals, lunching with her during our breaks and chatting to her generally, her hard work, commitment and ambition really grabbed my attention.

Nikki is a business woman, a mum and a fitness instructor - I'm truly inspired and in awe of her. I thought I would ask her a few questions which might make an interesting read for you guys:

B: Nikki, picture this: It's hot, kids have now finished school, the beach bars are calling you with their wonderful aromas, mojitos and margaritas, your friends are out in full force - you do not want to miss out on anything PLUS you still want to maintain that beach body you have worked so hard on all winter for. I think many of us can relate to this. What is your secret formula for this? How do you balance life, work and motherhood? Do you have 3 top tips you could give us? Ha, yes it's very true that our routines are different during the summer months, with the Children having up to 13 weeks off school, we do need to juggle things a little & keep up our own health & fitness Routine. My way of balancing out the summer changes are to do whatever you can with your Children, my Son loves to train with me so we partner up and head out early morning while it is still cool and fresh. Do Something new everyday - we set projects to keep the mind active and usually do these after a siesta, to slowly wake up again. Change your routine to fit in with the season, swimming is great but I'm not a lover, I do however love my floaties (inflatables that is) i hold on and kick out those legs and it gives a great all over body workout, play bat and ball, anything that's active but of course have cool breaks in between & plenty of water! The early morning workouts or late evening keep me in shape & those extra summer " treat" calories at bay.

B: Summer goes hand in hand with more nights out socialising, eating and drinking We all seem to let our hair down and then feel bad for it the next day. Guilt creeps in like crazy. Is there a go to meal / drink that you tend to opt for on these nights or do you make up for it the next day at the gym? It's again about balance , so if we over indulge it's important not to beat ourselves up over it, we all deserve to enjoy some treats and relax from a strict routine sometimes. I tend to choose healthier meals and up my workout to make up for it, the guilt is there to remind us to get back on track and we must look at it as a positive thing, it's just ass kicking the mind and body the day afterwards , a good workout with a few extra challenges thrown in always works for me and it boosts the endorphins making us feel great after a hangover :) B: How do you fit in workouts into your summer program? Do you stop over summer? Do your students keep on? Do you change any elements of the training over summer? How do you maintain weight loss? I keep training & teaching throughout the summer, apart from my 2 week holiday in August. I still workout whilst on holiday, but the routine changes, more walking, pool workouts, plus I love my Swiss ball & resistant band training, great whole body conditioning workout keeping me toned and feeling tight. My students are so dedicated and still attend classes , they know how important it is to keep going, plus they love it! They tell me the classes are like total therapy sessions! I personally find my appetite suppresses during the hot months so I eat little and often but never skip meals.

B: Finally, what is your diet like? Do you always follow a clean eating plan? Honestly? Super clean in summer? -no, I eat a bit of whatever I fancy, I'm not a drinker as such, but an occasional Bacardi with diet coke is a must for Me, especially when visitors arrive, party time is summer time :) I do however love salads and veg so I make sure they are included in each meal , but if I go out for a meal I always choose chips instead of a healthier baked spud- steak has to be with chips right? it's a rule! Haha Try to always choose the healthier option & drink plenty of water, if you fancy a treat have it, go for a walk afterwards or increase your workout and you won't go far wrong in maintaining your goals - enjoy the summer, enjoy life .

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