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Working out SUCKS?

Let’s face it: we all have days where we just don’t feel like working that hard during our workout.

Maybe you’re tired from staying up too late the night before, enjoying these summer nights with your family and friends. Maybe you’re feeling sore, or lazy, tired from the beach, tired from running around with your kids on the beach … or your mind just keeps drifting elsewhere. Maybe you just find it hard to get your butt up and go cos you are comfy on the sofa. Honestly, getting to the the class is a bigger obstacle than anything in my workout; once I'm there, I'm pumped to get started, I enjoy the music, the workout, the fact that I zone out from everything for that 1 hour.

Maybe you’re just not really that sure if pushing yourself hard makes much of a difference—it is so much easier just to breeze through your workout after all (especially in this crazy heat).

But here’s the thing: it does make a difference. The harder you push yourself, the more you’re going to get out of your workout, and the closer you’ll get to all your big goals. If you don’t push yourself you will just keep maintaining yourself and what you want is RESULTS. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.

Here are 10 tips to get you motivated again!

1. Remember why you started.

Remember that old photo that pops up in your Facebook memories and you dread seeing (and secretly hope no one will share?), remember that snap of you on holiday last year which your friends always show you on an album and you hate looking at?

Or simply remember all those times that you have tried on clothes and they don’t look good because of the extra weight, or the times you wanted to wear shorts and didn’t think you could pull it off or you weren’t brave enough. That right there always gets my ass moving!!!!

Always remember why you started in the first place. More importantly, stop and think of where you are now, all the progress you have been making and ask yourself if you really want to start all over again because you can’t be bothered to get up and go.

2. Make it a friend meet-up.

Going with friends always keeps me motivated; whenever I'm meeting friends on my way to class, I'm excited to hang out with them, rather than grumpy about getting off my couch.

3. Listen to Energising Music

I don’t know about you guys, but if i’m at home chilling before a workout, I find it harder to get up to go to class! Soooo, I don’t do this any more. I ensure that if I’m home before a class, I blast energising music to get me in the mood. Even if this means I’m tidying up around the house to this music - cos this is what happens, if you play energising music you are less likely to be sat down on the sofa doing nothing, so if you are up already and in the mood for a dance, you are more likely to get off your butt and head to class ;)

4. Reward

Find a (non-food) reward you want to work towards. For example, every time you come to a Zumba with B class, pay with a £5 note, and as soon as you get home put the £1 coin change into a piggy bank. Have something in mind as a reward - save up for a Spa day, a nice weekend away, buy yourself a new outfit. Chose one and make that your ‘Spa fund’ or whatever you chose it to be. Keep it in focus though and that will keep you motivated as you get closer to the reward.

5. Spare kit

Always keep an extra set of workout clothes in your car or at the office so that you cannot use the excuse that you left your workout cloths at home.

6. Get addicted to the post-exercise endorphin rush.

My motivation is the knowledge that I will have an awesome endorphin rush afterward and run around, smiling like an idiot for a few hours. I am seriously addicted. —Kimberly Lewis, via Facebook

7. Surround yourself with motivation.

I hang up motivational pictures on my mirrors, like Kendall Jenner or just good sayings. I also have my goal weight written everywhere — car mirror, refrigerator, calendar, etc. — so it’s a constant reminder to work toward that number. —Gabrielle Capasso

8. Eat a Pre-Workout Snack

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may think you cannot get away without eating much before your workout. However, if you really want to up your workout intensity and crush it, a solid pre-workout snack is a must.

I’m sure we have all been here before: Have you ever had days when you realize halfway through class that you are on a calorie deficit or just didn’t eat enough that day? This makes you feel faint and you completely crash. It defeats the purpose of your workout as you run out of energy and can barely make it through what normally would be easy for you.

9. Workout Calendar

Hang a calendar on your wall and give yourself a smiley face every day you stick to your workout schedule - it doesn’t have to be just our Zumba with B class, it can be any workout that you do. Over the course of the month you’ll find yourself proud and motivated by seeing all those smiley faces staring at you.

10. Start eating more protein so you have more energy!

Not eating enough protein during the day can be a main reason for fatigue. Protein-based foods provide the body with fuel to repair and build tissues. Protein takes longer than carbohydrates to break down in the body, providing a longer-lasting energy source. Protein is found in poultry, fish, lean red meat, nuts, milk, yogurt, eggs, yogurt, cheese and tofu.

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