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Zumba GOLD qualified! I'm soooo excited!

Zumba Gold is designed to take the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms created for the original Zumba Fitness program and bring them to the adults who are looking for a less intense Zumba Fitness class.

It is also designed with the beginner participant in mind, the participant who feels intimidated by trying out a normal class

without prior experience, and any individual with physical limitations or recovering from an injury.

Zumba Gold is PERFECT for: - Those who find Zumba Fitness class that little bit too much and want something easier but just as energetic and fun - Those young in spirit but can't work out as intensely as in the Zumba Fitness program - Participants who like to dance and actually grew up doing the Swing, Cha Cha, Twist, etc - Those who are looking for a fun group to socialize with - Those who want a fun workout without the pain, but still want to feel like they have exercised. - Those recovering from an injury or with physical limitations who have been given the go ahead from their doctor to start working out again - Individuals who just love celebrating being alive and loving life!

The Zumba Gold program covers rhythms such as: Salsa Reggaeton Merengue Cumbia Tango Swing Cha Cha Flamenco .... and several others

Classes coming VERY soon!!! Watch this space. If interested, join our Zumba Gold Gibraltar Facebook group where I will be adding more info.

Feel free to tell your family and friends about it!

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