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Definitely the best decision I ever made!!! Never been a fan of the gym but was desperate to lose weight and feel better about myself and seek a healthier lifestyle and Zumba was the solution. It's an hour workout which consists of good music, dancing, laughing and a lot of sweating.  Not only have I got an amazing Zumba Instructor who pushes me to reach my full potential but have made a friend for life.

Amy Lavagna

I can totally recommend her classes!! Even on days I don't feel like going I'm always glad I did by the end of the session. We laugh, dance and sweat loads and leave on a high every single time!! Give it a go; you won't regret it I promise! 

Kay Payas


Best form of exercise I've kept to and enjoyed the most to this day!  

Great instructor and great vibes in the class.  Always enjoy going too! 

Belinda Williams

I love it because I don't feel there is a competitive vibe amongst the ladies. Cada uno a su rollo and I always feel included when there is a social event. Love how you keep it fresh with current tunes, and it's always a pleasure watching you dance. So if anyone feels shy about coming, trust me it's a great bunch of people :)

Nyree Turnock

Absolutely love this Zumba group and feeling much fitter than I did 2 months ago. 

Elizabeth Borges

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